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Kota Doria: A summer trend you'll love to wear!

The beauty of garments remains in the fact that we have such a huge variety of fabrics to choose from. You cannot compare one with the other. Every fabric has a different story to tell and different ways to charm you with its exquisiteness. One such enamouring fabric is Kota Doria. In this scorching summer when most parts of India is facing heat wave, all you must be looking for is comfortable, light weight, breezy fabric to go with. Of course being the fashionista that you are, you sure do not want to compromise on looking gorgeous. So here we have the good old Kota Doria to sail you through these times.

The assimilation of two supreme fabrics:

Kota Doria is a unique blend of cotton and silk which makes it all the more alluring as it carries with it the sturdiness of cotton and the lustre of silk. The weaving of these two is done in such a way so as to produce square check patterns on the resulting fabric. It is these square patterns and the fine open weaving craft that gives Kota Doria a distinguished appearance. When you wear a saree or a salwar suit of this fabric, you will love it for its breathable quality of weave and its transparent look.

The origin of the fabric:

The name of the fabric itself gives the illustration of its origin. It takes its name from the small town of Kota in Rajasthan where artisans have been practicing this craft for generations. It is believed that during the Mughal era a general in the army of Mughal king Shahjahan , Rao Kishore Singh brought these artisans from Mysore in Karnataka. That is why these artisans are called ‘Masurias’. The royals in Rajasthan used this comfortable fabric for making of turbans in the beginning. Later the royalty fell in love with this fabric and it went on to be used in garments and sarees.

The versatility of Kota Doria:

The fabric has all the ingredients to be styled as both casual wear and formal look purposes. When adorned with zari border and embellishments it becomes a perfect wear for celebratory occasions. Light printed ones are great to be used as day wear or for office use. They are further styled with traditional block printing or shibori art or other work to add elegance to the outfit and make it look more sumptuous.


Style inspirations:

A lot of fashion designers are very enthusiastic about presenting this fabric in their collection. With their own garnish of different takes they present a graceful view of this fabric in sarees, kurtis, long jackets, stoles and other pieces of garment. In assimilation with detailing with other fabrics like velvet, brocade and lace work, they bring forth a conventional touch to this fabric.

Use this fabric and showcase your love for Indian textiles and craftsmanship. Only when you get to drape it for yourself you will get the feel of how great it is as fabric. Style it your way and get set to embrace the new found love of your life in the exquisiteness of Kota Doria.

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