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Karigar story

When we see a woman clad in an exclusive artwork saree; what is the first thing that crosses our mind. Isn’t it glorifying the woman’s taste and trying to find out which store it is from. Have we ever thought of the craftsmen, the karigars who have painstakingly done the handcraft? Have we over pondered over what euphoria they must have felt at the magnificence of the finished product? Have we ever tried to find out what they must have felt parting with the piece which was their dream and passion for a good period of time? We haven’t, have we? It’s time we do. At Luxurion World we consider our store to be an ode to these karigars who are the backbone of our forum. It is the felicitation, the acknowledgment, the appreciation of these karigars that Luxurion World is all about. Here are a standing ovation and a grand salute to the perseverance, the talent and the zest of these men and women. Let our appreciation of folk art strengthen our identities, our pride in belonging to this colorful country called India.

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