Jewelry: A woman's most precious adornment. - Luxurionworld

Jewelry: A woman's most precious adornment.

“Jewellery is like the perfect spice- it always complements what’s already there. Ethnic jewellery has the power to transform a simple outfit to sophisticate and a festive outfit to glamorous, in an instant. These days, traditional charm of antique pieces are back to wow women of all age groups. One may spot a college-goer sporting huge chunky jhumkas and a fifty-ish woman wearing them with pride as well. It is the desire to upgrade a look to one that is chic and trendy, keeping in touch with conventional a design that has inspired the jewellery designers at Luxurion World to come up
with a collection that is a paradise for all women. These pieces not only enhance your appearance but also convey an appreciation for the craftsmanship and designs of our inherent culture

The question is how to pair these pieces with one’s attire to punctuate fashion goals. For an open neck ethnic outfit, especially if it is a saree or lehenga, you may try to go for choker neckpieces. They suit well if your neckline is deep and the jewellery can make a pronounced effect. Multi-layer beaded necklaces go well with closed neck designs or salwar suits. To add a funky touch to any western outfit like dresses or over tops, one may go for slightly longer necklace sporting a prominent pendant. This creates a sophisticated, cosmopolitan look and makes you stand out boldly with your cultural jewellery. The ability to simultaneously layer several pieces of ethnic jewellery on neck,
wrists and ears may be expressive of one’s uniquely individual style.

Earrings again speak of highlighting a look that amplifies personal style while allowing staying on-trend. The key to selecting ethnic jewellery is to find out what would suit your facial shape. A round-faced woman would look great in long earring size while ones with slender fare could sport both hoop earrings as well as jhumkas. Luxurion World has a collection in various colour pearls as well, which when paired with western clothes could give a bohemian look. It is also fun to sometimes step outside of your fashion comfort zone by experimenting with interesting pieces from other cultures.

Bracelets and bangles are the go-to jewellery if you are getting ready to attend a ceremonial occasion. The jingle of bangles is said to speak positively about feminity and ‘sringar’. Likewise, maangtika is also an intrinsic part of jewellery style and looks good if you happen to be a new bride or bride’s close ones. Luxurion World has an array of earrings and maangtika combo which you can pair with your ethnic outfits with ease. Finger rings with a huge stone is an eye-catcher by all means and can be paired with both ethnic and western outfits. The stunning range of statement pieces at Luxurion World is ideal to accessorize one’s.

Look for all occasions. These stylish options will become a focal point of any outfit. Dazzle bright and shine brilliantly as you rock the desi girl look in ethnic jewellery pattern only from Luxurion World.


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