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Jewellery to shine-in this Eid-ul-Fitr

To make the right choice in clothing is not the only you need to make that stunning appearance.
Picking the right accessory to with it makes all that difference. At Luxurion World we know that
decoding your clothing taste is not enough. To put it together with the correct jewellery to elevate
your look to another stature is equally important. For this Eid, we bring to you lovely ethnic wear
that speaks of jewellery to go with them. Especially for the upcoming Eid, Luxurion World has brought
forth a new collection of breathtaking jewellery that is apt to be worn on that day and then after.
Let’s take you to have a glimpse of them.

Green necklace with earrings
Shiny green crystal embedded in a sea of white gives you the necessary glamour and show. It is apt
to go with salwar suit, sarees or lehengas. Pair it with a green ensemble or play funky by
accessorising it with a complete, different colour block.

White pearl golden jhumka earrings
So, you want to ditch the necklace and glow in an exclusive pair of earrings. It’s quite in vogue to let
only earrings feature as jewellery if the ensemble demands so. This golden jhumka is a statement
piece and can be worn with any colour outfit.

Red necklace with earrings
Red is the colour of celebration. Jewellery in red is most loved by women as they go well with
traditional clothing symbolising festive spirit. This Eid buys this red necklace with earrings and sees
how you add ‘char Chaand’ to your ‘Chaand Sa chehra’.

Pink precious agate stone bracelet
Bracelets are another piece of jewellery. Even though they are not facial jewellery, they have the
stance to attract the attention of all. So play with your wrists and let the adorning of this stone bracelet
garner compliments for us. These are many more jewellery options await you at Luxurion World to help you get noticed this
upcoming Eid. If you are done with shopping for clothes, it’s the right time to match them with these
accessories. In case you are confused about what will go best with your outfit, all you need is ping us
and let our team help you choose the perfect piece. Glow bright and beautiful this Eid with clothing
and jewellery only from Luxurion World. Here’s wishing all of you ‘Eid Mubarak’.

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