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!!Independence Day Special!!

72 years and counting! Yes, we are talking of age; our country’s age past the independence in 1947. Even though the existence of our country dates back to the earliest civilisations in the history of mankind; it was in 1947 that we were finally able to break the shackles of foreign rule. Old is definitely gold. The older India gets past independence, the better it is becoming; in all spheres of life. We are developing at one of the fastest rates, leaping to catch up with the most developed nations of the world. Nevertheless, we as Indians take pride in never losing touch with our age old culture and heritage. The sense of gratification and fulfilment that envelops us when we embrace our traditional value is profound; something that cannot be expressed in words.

One such way to be in touch with what our freedom fighters fought for is promoting handloom industry. Mahatma Gandhi endorsed khadi by wearing only home spun clothes and encouraged all to shun foreign goods. That was the time when the whole country pledged to wear handloom clothes – be it men, women or children. With the passage of time and advent of modern techniques, khadi lost its charm somewhere. Suddenly it was unfashionable to wear them. Handloom industry suffered a major setback and various became sick units. Artisans left their craft to migrate to other places in search of manual labour.




Efforts by governments and endeavour by fashion designers have seen a revival of handloom. With the resurgence of people showing interest in handloom again, it is on way to become a flourishing industry. At Luxurion World we are proud to be associated even if in a small way, in promoting handloom and khadi. To contribute to the essence of being Indian, we have an array of exciting handloom products, beautiful banarasis, elegant tussars, linen, benarasi georgette, khadi and so on! This day let us pledge to remain fashionable always – but in sync with the spirit of true Indian. Let’s include handlooms in our wardrobe as much as we can and play our part in keeping with the tradition of our rich heritage. From the desk of Luxurion World, wishing all of us a very happy Independence Day.



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