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How to drape a Parsi Gara Saree - Luxurionworld

Parsi Gara is a family legacy, passed down from ages to ages. It is the pride of each Parsi woman as being given one denotes a start of a unique period of the woman’s life. 

Handwoven with excellent complex weaving, this Parsi Gara Saree is adored by everybody. What makes it stand apart isn’t just the exceptional work yet, also the hanging technique. How would you wrap a Parsi Gara? Stay tuned to figure out how. You can watch this video instructional exercise here or read further for a definite instructional exercise. 

Step 1: The Basic Tuck.

This means exactly what it sounds like. Basically, you tuck the saree around you in one circle. This is a basic step of almost every draping method.

Step 2: The Pallu

The pallu is the part of the saree that is draped over your shoulder. In this drape, unlike the Nivi drape, the pallu is draped from under your left arm, over your right shoulder like a Gujarati saree. The pallu should reach yo

0tur ankle.


Step 3: The Pleating

After adjusting the drape of your pallu, you will pleat the rest of the fabrics. To pleat your saree, hold one end between your index and middle fingers and one end by your thumb, pinky finger and your ring finger. Now start making pleats till you reach the end of that remaining fabric. Tuck these pleats into the centre of your waist and pin it in place.

Step 4: The Parsi Twist

After you have tucked your pleats in and adjusted your pallu, take one end of your pallu and bring it in front of you from behind your back as shown in the video. Next, tuck that corner in the side of the saree.

Your Parsi Gara is complete! Now flaunt it at your next event.

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