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Handlooms – a regal choice

Handloom fabrics are essentially fabrics that are woven by hand on a manually- operated loom, with the most commonly used one being the pit loom. This is an age-old traditional craft that is now a booming industry in the fashion arena. The handloom industry involves a community that has been practicing an artisanal skill or technique for generations, where each person has a specific role and contribution. The art of weaving is thus a painstakingly perfect process of skill, precision, and rhythm, which when repeated over and over, produces a delicate weave.
The value of handloom can be measured only by a connoisseur. When you see the process of weaving on warp and weft and realize the dexterity and patience it requires, then it is actually priceless. Most handloom fabric like Banarasi, Jamdani, Patola, Paithani, and many others require the intricate addition of motifs onto the fabric by hand. Such advanced hand-weaving technique deserves accolades for its stunning Mastercraft. The motifs have to be inlaid into the fabric by adding denser threads to fine warp threads, and this process is very time-intensive. For a masterpiece, it sometimes takes the weaver almost a year to get one saree made and prepared.
Most handloom fabrics are made using natural fibers, which feel significantly better against one’s skin. It is thus an eco-friendly option to synthetic fibers, which is yet another reason to embrace the product. They are easily biodegradable, thereby putting less pressure on the environment. Handloom is more sustainable and uses minimal resources like electricity and has no harmful by-products. Investing in handloom thus means doing your bit not only in preserving a traditional craft but also in supporting an artisanal community. As we move into an age of eco-friendliness, it has become even more relevant to preserve these ancient methods that have eco infused in every step.
Handloom is a national heritage and preserving it is a responsibility we all must share. The tag on handloom products is always high, but it is genuinely validated. If you look at the uniqueness of the weavers’ skill, the time they put into creating it, and compare it with their standard of living, you will feel ashamed of it. This is the reason why the newer generation of weavers is moving to pursue some other means of livelihood. If as citizens of this glorious country we let it happen, then we will be responsible for the demise of our rich and valuable culture. The craftsmen should earn what they deserve.


When we choose a handcrafted product by paying its right price, we are indirectly encouraging the artisans to continue to practice the art, thus saving it from entering the endangered list. At Luxurion World, we empower craftsmen by distributing a large portion of the revenue generated among them in a bid to promote their skill. Let us all do our bit in protecting the traditional heritage because being the best they deserve the best.

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