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Handloom – the weaves of India

Whenever we think of Handloom, we get a picture of countless artisans working endlessly to be a part of the largest cottage industry of our country. It is the relentless pursuit of these craftsmen to not only compete with the machine loom but also better it in every way. This Handloom Day they all deserve special recognition for the masterpieces they create out of their talent. From the team of Luxurion World, we salute these craftsmen who have been working tirelessly for all we fashion enthusiasts. It is because of their superior work that has enabled us to elevate the look of a costume
to garner those complimentary stares. At Luxurion World, we are in love with handloom. The traditional way to weave the yarn into the fabric is truly amazing. The fine threads are interlaced with both the sets of yarn. The warp and the weft, weaving to produce a soft, durable, comfortable and breathable fabric. Luxurion World has an array of various handloom sarees and dress materials. From the rich handloom Banarasi to suave
Handloom Kuppadam silk to Handloom tussar – we have all that and more! Displayed not only to attract your attention but also to thank our weavers who are making efforts to preserve our handloom heritage, Luxurion World takes pride in preserving and promoting the same.
This Handloom Day, come let us all in love with the legacy of our culture and diversity and feel blessed to have an opportunity to be a part of it. Let’s pledge to use more of handloom products and what authentic place to get them than our very own Luxurion World.

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