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Gota Patti, the beauty of the border.

Originating in Rajasthan, Gota Patti uses the applique technique where zari ribbon is made into elaborate patterns and sewed on to the borders to create a beautiful border. Having originated in Rajasthan, the hub of Gota work is in the cities of Jaipur, Kota, Bikaner, Ajmer, and Udaipur.

Metals like gold, silver, copper are used along with golden or silver zari to add to the beauty of Gota Patti. These are applied on the edges of the fabric to create bold and elegant patterns widely used for brides wearing sarees and lehengas. Gota work is a pride heirloom of many families, worn only on special and auspicious festivals. Brides take pride in their trousseau, complete with a gota patti saree.

How is it made?

The selected design is traced on a fabric of choice using a tracing paper and chalk paste. The Gota is cut and folded to form the shape of the design traced. This is then hemmed or backstitched on the fabric’s border.

Care for your Gota Patti 


Gota Patti work should be hand-washed or machine washed on delicate mode.

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