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Gara Sarees

Ladies, you are in for a show of a master craft, whose excellence runs beyond words! A textile style which is so delicate and intrinsic that will have you totally spellbound. A piece of handicraft that is true heritage! Eager to know what we are talking about? It’s the Parsi embroidery work in the form of Gara sarees. Symbolic of Parsi culture and tradition, Gara sarees are fine stitching which depicts nature in a woven from: Lotus, lilies, bamboo, trees, flowers to beautiful birds and human figurines. Parsi work encompasses the world in its glory in the form of thread work.


The word ‘Gara’ means ‘saree’ in Gujarati. It is said that this art form dates back to Bronze Age Persia which makes it a thousand years old. It has become known that Parsi women were familiarized with Chinese embroidery through Chinese merchants. As these Parsis settled in various parts of India, especially the western side, they ended up incorporating the embroidery and developing their own style. Earlier gold and silver threads were used which later gave way to satin threads and artificial zaris.


Luxurion World encourages all forms of art and we know how much interested you are in traditional handicrafts. So with a modern makeover, without compromising on its exquisiteness, we have come up with wide collection of Gara sarees in full splendour. Handcrafted to perfection by dexterous craftsmen, these sarees with their fine embellishments are a sight to behold.

Ladies, what are you waiting for now. Dig into our Luxurion World of Gara sarees and bring home the perfect heirloom! We at Luxurion World are sure that this possession of yours will not only be prized by you but by your future generation too!

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