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Foot fetish – trendy anklets

Ethnic wear in its full fledged avatar requires a lot of accessories to go with it to complete its look. Just like the traditional garments have undergone a makeover to suit contemporary taste, so have the accessories. One of the most favourite one among woman is ‘payal’ which has transformed into a modern anklet. Its rich history and global influences in the backdrop, anklet has qualified to be adjudged a favourite accessory junkie. With the changing face of Indian ethic runway, the silver laden heavy trinklet has moulded itself into sleek trendy anklet, much loved by all. Today women love to sport these anklets with their ethic as well as western outfits; such is the limelight it enjoys. Whether you are pairing it with your beachwear, dresses, club-outing wear or traditional ones – it falls in sync with each at equal ease. So there is no more stashing away of heavy payal to be taken out only on special occasions; it is for everyday wear now enjoy a cult status.

The history of anklets dates back to Egyptian women from as early as pre-dynastic times. They were worn as everyday ornaments and were made of different metals in multiple shapes with more expensive metals like gold being common among the rich, the less expensive ones like silver and iron were common among lower social classes. Now anklets are made of beads, colourful stones, coins like embellishments and also those sporting gothic sentiments. Available in various colours, patterns and designs these are new fashion elements on the block. They may be a string or chain like or may be multi layered. Tassels or other forms of adornment are also used to uplift the mood and vibe of these anklets. Occasionally there may be a toe ring attached to it too, to change the flavour to a more ethnic tone.


Ladies, pair up your ethnic outfits from Luxurion World with trendy anklets to style yourself in an accentuated form. After all, an outfit glorifies its look when paired with correct accessories. Remember to get your pedicure done to flaunt this delicate, dainty trend. Wear one in rows of rhinestones or dazzling ones for an evening party and gracious ones for simpler outings. No matter what style you are drawn to its time to take advantage of your ankles’ prime sartorial taste and rock the show. At Luxurion World we wish to see yourself present in style, so try these with our ethnic outfits to complement them better!

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