Exquisite Zardozi Art

Passion for embroidery in India goes back a long long way. Timeless and unbounded by the shackles of trend, they continue to rule the charts much like before if not more. One such embroidery form done by metallic threads (earlier gold or silver) which date back to Vedic times is zardozi work. Impressively ornamental and elaborate designs are what make this art a truly royal one.

This imperial craft was brought to India by the first Turko-Afghan sultans. By the end of Mughal era, the art declined because of its high cost as then the embroidery metal used was pure gold threads. It again revived in the 20th century when the metallic threads of gold were replaced by copper and brass wires or even synthetic ones. Nevertheless, the outcome is still terrific which portrays tremendous skill and lots of patience of the craftsmen.

What makes zardozi art even more flamboyant is their motif designs as even today they are inspired by the Mughal culture. This lends a kind of opulence to the art which makes it all the worth more buying.

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