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Diwali- The festival of diyas and sparklers

Diwali has always been a saga of extravagance. Lot of sweets, lot of crackers to burn, new clothes for everyone, gifts exchanging with friends and family and fun unlimited is how we see a Diwali bash. With changing times, the focus on celebration has switched to more of brandishing one’s abilities and boastfully displaying money matters. This has caused a dent in the environmental protection and sustainability. The growing  awareness of citizens has led to a start in campaigning for an Eco-friendly Diwali. As responsible people, we at Luxurion World totally support the cause and are forerunners in further propagating the need and idea to go-green.
Diwali is the festival of lights. Instead of just lighting lamps to ward off darkness, it is time to illuminate our lives and those of others with joy and laughter. This is possible when we learn to look at how the practice of burning crackers can do harm to people and environment. The pollution caused by firecrackers in the form of noise and air pollution is a grave cause of concern. As it is, the air quality in most of the cities of India is poor to severe. The least we can do is, not to aggravate these already dismal conditions. From this platform we at Luxurion World, urge you all to participate in clean and green Diwali.

Another initiative we can take is to try to make someone else’s life better. As advocates of sustainable fashion, Luxurion World, feels the splurge on clothing should be only as per requirement and not just for the sake of mindless shopping spree. Why not this time we pass on the gift to someone less privileged and find a chance to brighten up their day in the true sense of the word? Trust us; it is going to give the giver an immense sense of joy and satisfaction too. Isn’t that what we mean by festivals and celebration?
Diwali symbolizes the triumph of good over evil, light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance and hope over despair. Imbibing good qualities within ourselves and warding off the negativeness within us is the true way to celebrate Diwali. This year let us think of the asthma patients whose condition worsens due to the choking smoke of firecrackers, of the animals who suffer because of them, of people who are not able to cover themselves well enough with clothes, of the future of the earth which we owe to our children, of the environment that is our life giver and of everything else that matters to humanity. This Diwali let authenticity win over artificiality. This Diwali let joy
be all-pervading!

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