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Different ways to style Tamil ethnic wear

If you have been down South to Tamil Nadu, you will agree with one, that they are the ones who are most deeply rooted in the traditional ways. The pride they display while wearing the only ethnic dress is so obvious on their faces and the style they exhibit. You will find women dressed in their heavy Kanjeevram silks for office wear and casual day outings too. It is like they are dressed to go out n weddings any day and every day. On the roads of Chennai or any other place of Tamil Nadu, you will find a riot of colors being worn by women, some in purple, others in mustard, green and blue. The ambiance they create in their ethnic wear is one of the marvel and delight. When we speak of styling Tamil ethnic wear, you should be prepared to emulate features other than just the dress, it is the complete ensemble that matters.

Heavy gold jewelry is an order of the day and reserved for special occasions like in most other parts of the country. Women style their hairs with fresh flowers every day, either in orange or white as a symbol of auspiciousness. The kumkum on their forehead, hands, and feet add another way of their everyday look. Tamil women prefer these traditional ways of stylizing themselves and their grace is simply remarkable.

For girls who are unmarried, they usually go for a long skirt or lehenga, blouse and a shawl known as Davani. Even young girls are fond of jewelry and are often seen wearing a chain, earrings, and bangles to adorn themselves.

The style of dressing of Tamil women is best exhibited on festivals like Pongal when they are clad in their best Kanjeevram silks and heavy gajras, not to mention real heavy gold ornaments. We have often seen this style being exhibited by our Bollywood beauties: Rekha, Vidya Balan, Deepika Padukone to name a few. The color mechanism of these sarees is such that they display an unmatched look of beauty with simplicity.

 One might often wonder, how even with so much shine, glaze and beautiful mix of bright hues, these sarees are never overly flashy or pompous. They are just what you wish them to be – suave, smart, sophisticated with an underline of feminism charm that is pronounced in every inch of it.

The cultural essence of Tamil Nadu is manifested in their extravagant temples; traditional ways of living and attire and of course their accessories. At Luxurion World we are in awe of Kancheepuram silks and have a great collection of sarees and lehengas for you. Get inspired by their style and ways and try to emulate their entire look at least once to get a feel of South Indian grandiosity.

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