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Body Positivity

Love is the most beautiful feeling in the universe and loving one’s own self comes first. This reminds one of dialogue by Kareena Kapoor from the movie, “Jab We Met,” where she says with pride; “Main apni favourite hoon.” Isn’t it imperative that we all think likewise? Nobody can be perfect both in terms of physical beauty or mental agility. Embracing small ‘imperfections’ in an easy grace in what womanhood-with-pride is all about. At Luxurion World, we think each one of you is beautiful. So this one is for all of you who have risen above all societal pressures to think yourself as a beauty. These days the concept of body positivity is being talked about everywhere from women’s magazines to fashion forums and clothing stores. The movement which preaches acceptance and health at any size has done a lot of good. People are beginning to understand that body-shaming is something to be abhorred and that a “healthy” weight is not a universal number.
In my case of being friends with a lot of people, I have seen most women post-pregnancy tends to be ashamed of their body shape. Motherhood is a wonderful feeling and if you have put some pounds of flesh because of it, you are one lucky person as there is no greater honor of love or blessing than this. You might never be size zero again, but you are a hero always and forever. Some of you may get perturbed about comments from friends and relatives about weight gain or otherwise. Trust us, if you are self – confident about yourself, nothing else matters. These days body shaming has created widespread cultural awareness of things. Most leading fashion brands deal with plus-size models to carry these clothes. All plus size women are entitled to self – love and to admire yourself for what you see in the mirror. Many fashion shows now have done way with skinny models to show their contours. Celebrities across the globe are creating awareness for body positivity and want women to be comfortable in their own skin. They advocate that beauty does not lie in that thin, straight figure, but in smile and confidence you carry as an accessory with you, everywhere you go.
Body positivity is not about promoting obesity, but a need to never underestimate oneself because of their shape. Fat-shaming does not help people lose weight. If you are a movie lover and have seen ‘Dum Laga ke Haisha’; you know how Bhumi Padnekar in the movie develops an inferiority complex because of her shape and how she grows to love herself when she is being loved. Body positivity encourages everyone to love irrespective of weight or size. We have all heard that “Beauty is but skin deep”. Luxurion World promotes this concept and curates clothing with pride for all women, irrespective of her color or shape. Love yourself first, because that’s who you’ll be spending the rest of your life with.”

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