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Bhangra & Phulkari - The Soul Of Punjab

Honestly, how many of you have broken into bhangra (or near bhangra) upon hearing really good news. We are sure most of you have! In case you are now thinking of the time(s) you were up to this very energetic dance form of Punjab, we will let you pause and smile! After all, happiness is a heavenly feel, even after it is remembered decades later. The celebratory folk dance form has come a long way from its humble roots in India and is now recognized and enjoyed the world over. Whether it is the West or down south to Australia, not to mention the Southeast Asian countries, Bhangra is popular everywhere! The beat, the energy, the boisterous fun is almost infectious. You can’t just sit to the rhythm of those drum beats! That’s an open challenge!

When we talk of any folk dance form, we are also aware of the sense of cultural identity and tradition. Every dance form does connect with a particular style of clothing and accessories if you want to get the real feel of it. The lively bhangra cannot be envisioned without the turbans and lungi kurta of men and the colorful short Kurtiswith wide-legged salwars and ornate dupattas worn by women. The phulkari work on their dupattas and kurtas are not only considered auspicious, but their bright mix of colors also works towards imparting a similar zest to the atmosphere. There is an electrifying charge in the ambiance where to the tunes of dhol beats and vigorous kicks and leaps and bends of the body, the bhangra is encompassed.

Phulkari work is a kind of thread embroidery done mostly on dupattas but now is seen in sarees and dress materials as well.

Yellow embroidered phulkari dupatta:


If you do not wish to go for a whole phulkari ensemble, pair your salwar suit with this heavily embroidered phulkari dupatta. Its bright and cheerful colors are right for you to perform bhangra to now and always.



Pink hand embroidered half and half saree:

If you are a saree person, this saree with heavy phulkari front and pallu and plain contrast pleats is a great option. The mirror work border adds the necessary sparkle to the look.

Blue embroidered phulkari georgette suit:

Blue phulkari work on the same color georgette base is a graceful example of this artwork. Not very flamboyant but definitely aristocratic, this is an all-purpose suit; from office wear to celebratory occasions.

With the extensive range of collection of phulkari Kurtis & Suits, sarees, dupatta, etc at Luxurion World and at prices that are very reasonable, we are sure you could break into joyous bhangra here and now!

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