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Black Hand Embroidered Half and Half Phulkari Georgette Saree

Black Hand Embroidered Half and Half Phulkari Georgette Saree

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This Phulkari Saree embroidery is peculiar to Punjab. Phulkari literally means flower craft .The main characteristics of Phulkari embroidery are the use of darn stitch on the wrong side of cloth with colored silken thread.

FABRIC: Georgette is a sheer fabric and is traditionally made from silk. This fabric looks thin and is lightweight in nature. It is strong and more durable. Since this fabric has draping property it is not easy to sew it. Using of needles on this fabric spoils the fabric material by leaving needles holes on the material. So avoid using pins on this fabric. Georgette fabric is mostly used in formal women wear to give a fabulous chic look. It is easy to maintain but hard to stitch and sew. Due to its thin texture, the fabric is also used as a layer in a larger garment without adding to the weight of the overall costume or giving out a bulky look.

Note: There may be a slight colour variation in the image from original product due to various reasons like configuration of computer monitor, colour scheme of computer, lighting of the photograph etc


Main Colour Black
Fabric Georgette 
Available_Size Approx 6.2 mtrs
border_type Small Border
Art Form 1
Art Form 2
Workmanship Embroidered
Occasion 1
Occasion 2
Occasion 3
State Punjab