If anything can provide a variation to the saree look, it’s the blouse that goes with it. A well paired, well fitted and a well designed blouse can earn more compliments for the saree look than thought of. We all notice a woman’s blouse almost as instantaneously as her saree. It could be an offbeat design or a traditional one depending upon the fabric of the saree and the occasion you may wear it to. With varied designs of blouse in the market, there is always a demand for something more innovative and differentiated. To satiate such urges, Luxurion World has come up with readymade blouses to glam up your saree look. Variations in neck styles ranging from round neck, halter neck, high neck, boat neck or U-shaped have brought about a novelty in its look. Kalamkari work on blouses in different colours is both unique and attractive. Pair your sarees with it to understand the difference.



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Art Form

Buy Red Angrakha Banarasi Silk Blouse-Red Banarasi Silk Nehru Collar Angarkha Blouse_LWIB1022102.jpg

Red Angrakha Banarasi Silk Blouse

Rs. 4,130.00

Buy Purple Chikankari Georgette Blouse-Purple Chikankari Georgette Blouse_LWIB1021406.jpg

Purple Chikankari Georgette Blouse

Rs. 7,080.00

Buy Purple Velvet Blouse-Purple Trendy Velvet Blouse_LWIB1021401.jpg

Purple Velvet Blouse

Rs. 3,304.00

Buy Pastel Kim Khwab Silk Blouse-Pastel Kim Khwab Silk Blouse_LWIB1021405.jpg

Pastel Kim Khwab Silk Blouse

Rs. 3,776.00

Buy Pink Bandhani Silk Blouse-Pink Banarasi Satin Silk Blouse_LWIB1032801.jpg

Pink Bandhani Silk Blouse

Rs. 2,183.00

Buy Blue Banarasi Silk Blouse-Blue Silk Blouse_LWIB1032001.jpg

Blue Banarasi Silk Blouse

Rs. 3,540.00

Buy Pink Silk Blouse-Pink Silk Blouse_LWIB1022104.jpg

Pink Silk Blouse

Rs. 6,490.00

Buy Blue Silk Blouse-Blue Silk Blouse_LWIB1022101.jpg

Blue Silk Blouse

Rs. 3,540.00

Buy Pastel Banarasi Silk Crew Neck Blouse-Pastel Banarasi Silk Crew Neck Blouse_LWIB1022101.jpg

Pastel Banarasi Silk Crew Neck Blouse

Rs. 4,720.00

Buy Multicolor Boat Neck Kalamkari Crepe Blouse-Multicolor Boat Neck Kalamkari Crepe Blouse_LWKMBLSST01.jpeg

Multicolor Boat Neck Kalamkari Crepe Blouse

Rs. 2,808.00