SEO Page - Block Printed Suit

Block printing is an ancient technique of creating vibrant, colourfast and unique patterns on cloth. It requires great precision and skill which results in beautiful intricate prints created mostly from natural dyes. This scheme utilises a hand carved wooden block which is dipped in dye and stamped by hand to create the pattern. Good printing requires skill and practice in order to create uniformity and clear block patterns. Block printed suits not only helps keep you cosy and comfortable in winter, but also adds a stylish and chic look. Since these suits are not loud or glamorous, they are apt to be worn on your office days over both your ethnic and western outfits. Block printed suits are best aircraft accessories as they define elegance and saves you from the slight chill of the plane. They make great gifting options as well. Go for these bright, bold and fun suits to add a sprightly touch to your ensemble and personality.