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The lavish art form of banarasi work is a luxury to witness and a grandiosity to own. It is the resplendence of the weave and the luxuriance of the drape that has made banarasi art work a craft to hold reverence to. Banarasi dupatta with the Mughal inspired motifs over plush silk has a richness that exudes magnificence and splendour. The texture, the handloom weave and the patterns are all an example of plush taste and fashion ideas. When draped over a salwar suit or lehenga, it brings out the beauty of the wearer in an admirable way. It can also be used as a head dupatta for brides because of its sumptuous look. Exuding craftsmanship at its best, the banarasi dupatta collections at Luxurion World are an authentic and affluent range of dupattas in quite an affordable price. The rich colours available will instantly remind you of royalty and make you feel like one. Buy one to believe it!

Elevate Your Style with Pure Banarasi Silk Handloom Dupattas

Over the years, despite heavy fashion influence from Western nations, the modern Indian woman still prefers to don traditional ethnic wear whenever she can so that they not only look mesmerising but at the same time, do their bit to keep Indian ethnic wear popular among the masses!

If you are one of those women and you have been looking for a uniquely fashionable way to help preserve the popularity of Indian ethnic wear then you got to try our range of pure Banarasi silk handloom dupattas.

The Origins and History of Banarasi Dupattas

Banarasi dupatta might seem like a new fashion trend but trust us that is not the case! The Banarasi silk dupatta was introduced in India by the Mughals. The place of origin of this apparel is in its name - Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh.  Whether you are buying Banarasi dupatta online or offline, you would be readily mesmerised by the proprietary intricate artwork of handloom artisans from Banaras. Back in the day, noble people donned pure Banarasi dupattas and those were made with pure silk and had intricate patterns made using threads of real gold and silver! 

A classic Banarasi dupatta can be visually differentiated from a run-of-the-mill dupatta when one pays close attention to the intensity of the dupatta’s colour.  A Banarasi dupatta would have bright and vibrant colours. At the same time, the patterns will be complex yet appealing. This particular attribute allows a Banarasi dupatta to enhance the look of all Indian ethnic wear available for women such as a lehenga or an exclusive suit

One should also look for raised patterns that typically follow floral or geometric shapes that are prevalently found in Persian culture. 

Drape a Classic Banarasi Dupatta to Enhance Your Traditional Look

Fashion is not always about following trends. Fashion is also about following your style and making bold fashion choices. You might think that donning a Banarasi silk dupatta can put you in a position where people might label you as ‘old fashioned’. Rest assured, that would not be the case!

Fashion trends tend to follow a circular path. It means that a fashion trend that was chic back in the 70s was out of fashion by the 80s. However, that trend in question can become popular again this year.

Hence, whether you are planning to don your favourite pure Banarasi dupatta at work, at a professional event or at your friend’s wedding, remember, silk Dupattas made by Banarasi handloom artisans are making a strong comeback!

Have a look at our extensive collection of Banarasi bridal dupattas along with Banarasi silk handloom dupattas suitable for chanderi suits, plain suits, kurtis or any other neo-ethnic outfits you have in your wardrobe.

Latest Banarasi Dupatta Collection with Price List

We are slowly but surely gaining a lot of popularity among office-going women, women in entrepreneurial positions as well as women in apex positions at Government organizations. The reason is simple. Apart from offering reasonable dupatta prices we also offer our pan-India customers a wide range of Banarasi dupattas. The variations come in the form of Banarasi fabric thickness, fabric colour, the colour of the patterns, the thickness of embroidery, etc. 

Furthermore, we ensure that we are keeping our Banarasi dupatta price in India reasonable so that the Banarasi silk handloom sector keeps on thriving. At the same time, we also want to keep our Banarasi silk dupattas accessible to women from all walks of life. 

Here’s an overview of our latest Banarasi dupatta with price collection. The list below highlights the best-selling dupatta variants along with their regular and heavy Banarasi dupatta price discounts!

Banarasi Dupatta


Orange Banarasi Cotton Silk Dupatta


Green Banarasi Silk Meenakari Dupatta 


Red Banarasi Chanderi Silk Ghat Design Dupatta


Pink Shaded Banarasi Organza Dupatta


Green Banarasi Silk Patola Design Dupatta


Off White Banarasi Silk Dupatta


Black Banarasi Silk Dupatta


Grey Banarasi Silk Dupatta


Orange Handloom Banarasi Pure Katan Silk Dupatta


Purple Handloom Banarasi Pure Katan Silk Kadwa Booti Dupatta


Blue Handloom Banarasi Pure Organza Zig Zag Design Dupatta


Dyeable Handloom Banarasi Pure Georgette Dupatta


Black Handloom Banarasi Brush Dye Pure Georgette Dupatta


Green Handloom Banarasi Pure Kora Silk Sona Roopa Dupatta


Pink Handloom Banarasi Pure Katan Silk Dupatta


Green Handloom Banarasi Pure Katan Silk Sona Roopa Dupatta


Dyeable Handloom Banarasi Pure Georgette Meenakari Dupatta


Off White Banarasi Handloom Pure Katan Silk Kadwa Dupatta


Red Handloom Banarasi Pure Katan Silk Dupatta


Pink Handloom Banarasi Pure Katan Silk Kadwa Dupatta



Designs of Banarasi Dupatta

Choose from our wide range of silk Banarasi dupattas and enhance your wardrobe with this trending Indian ethnic classic today.

Whether you are planning to don a kurti with those skinny jeans or heading over to a date with your loved one in a neo-classic designer Banarasi suit salwar, be sure to add our multi-coloured Banarasi dupatta in the mix and have the proverbial limelight all to yourself!

We work closely with local veteran Banarasi handloom artisans in a bid to ensure that our Banarasi dupatta design remains unique and on par with the latest pattern trends. This attribute ensures that our Banarasi dupatta style can satiate the needs of women of all ages and fashion senses.

Some of the best-selling designs of Banarasi dupatta at our e-store are – 

  • Black Banarasi Dupatta – a classic that can go well with any and every attire.
  • Pink Banarasi Dupatta – ideal for coming-of-age women and for those who are known for their charming personalities. This variant works well with salwar suits and can be worn at social as well as professional events.
  • Green Banarasi Dupatta – ideal for women who prefer colours and patterns that keep them grounded. Fun fact, this variant sells the most during the monsoon season!

Why Choose Handloom Banarasi Dupatta? 

Varanasi, apart from being hailed as one of the holiest destinations in India, is also known worldwide for being the producer of world-class silk. Since time immemorial, Banarasi silk has been used to produce the critically acclaimed Banarasi sarees. However, in recent years, veteran and new-age designers did their bit to popularise the idea of using Banarasi silk to produce intricately designed pure Banarasi silk dupattas.

Buying a Banarasi silk handloom dupatta online from us can help one to enjoy the traditional excellence and prestige of Banarasi silk and that too at reasonable prices. Furthermore, compared to dupattas made from other popular fabrics like cotton, our online Banarasi silk dupatta collection can enhance your outfit irrespective of the occasion!

If you are still unsure about buying Banarasi silk dupattas then be sure to remember that our Banarasi dupatta multi-colour collection is made using high-quality silk. Furthermore, you will be helping to preserve the Banarasi silk handloom industry!

Buy Banarasi Dupatta Online at Luxurionworld

Here’s an overview of our Banarasi silk dupatta collection. Banaras is one of the holiest places in India that draws people who have an affinity towards spiritualism. In our Banarasi dupatta online collection, we tried our best to stock up on Banarasi dupatta variations that pay homage to Banaras. At the same time, we make sure that when you are planning to buy a Banarasi dupatta for yourself or your loved one, you find the collection that suits your unique needs.

Feast your eyes on our range of Banarasi dupattas and choose the one that entails intricate designs, vivid colours and oozes quality. 

FAQs on Banarasi Dupatta

Q1. What is the Speciality of the Banarasi silk dupatta?

Banarasi silk dupattas are critically acclaimed for their impressive intricate designs and unique patterns. Reputed designers in the fashion industry and even celebrities often don Banarasi silk dupattas at events and conventions.

Q2. Is Banarasi dupatta in trend?

Yes, Banarasi silk dupattas are considered an evergreen part of Indian ethnic fashion. All fashion trends have a shelf life. But the same doesn’t apply to Banarasi silk dupattas!

Q3. Which fabric goes with the Banarasi dupatta?

It is best to pair a Banarasi silk dupatta with cotton salwar suits and kurtis. One can also pair a Banarasi silk dupatta with clothes made with velvet or Chanderi fabrics.

Q4. What is the cost of a Banarasi dupatta?

The cost of a Banarasi silk dupatta depends on the quality of silk used to make it. But for reference, it is best to remember that the average cost could be anywhere between INR 1000 to INR 2000+.

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