Kanjeevaram Dupatta

Kancheepuram Silk is a type of silk made in the Kancheepuram region in Tamil Nadu, India. The silk used in the creation of Kanjeevaram dupattas are extremely fine and durable making one of the most popular silk dupattas in the country. Weaved with a combination of numerous colored threads, the sheer magnitude of textures, colors and designs of Kanjeevaram silk dupattas are incredible. Nowadays, people have been showing lots of creativity when it comes to the Kanchipuram dupattas. Motifs like chariots, peacocks, lions, coins, parrots, mangoes etc can be seen on such dupattas. In some parts of the world, a dupatta is more than just a fashion statement- It is a culture, it is a tradition, it is layering and majorly the essence of femininity. And while it may grow longer or shorter, wider or narrower, plainer or more extravagant with fashion’s whims, at the end of the day it is embracing cultural heritage for Indian women.

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