Swarnachari Saree

The elegant Swarnachari saree of West Bengal is a piece of handloom legacy. Woven in bright colours they are famous worldwide because of the intricate patterns and figurines that are created on the saree. They relate a mythological phenomenon and sometimes an entire story altogether. There is a strong hint of gold as the Swarnachari silk saree has gold thread incorporated in its weave. This imparts a characteristic rich sheen which makes it ideal to be worn for celebration purposes. Historically the Swarnachari sarees dates back to two centuries ago during the reign of Nawab in Bengal in the 18th century who happened to be great lovers of art and craftsmanship. These sarees draw their inspiration from the epics of Ramayana, Mahabharata and in some cases an entire episode of Bhagvad Gita. They also show vignettes of festivals, rural life and marriages with the classic Bengali motifs of animals, flowers, circles and fish. The borders of these sarees are very ornamental with Kalka motifs, adorning them. The vivid illustrations lends a unique flavour to these sarees which makes them carve its own distinct uniqueness, visit the Swarnachari saree section at Luxurion World which is a house of authentic art forms and a class in itself.

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