Madhubani Dupatta

The vibrant cultural history of Madhubani boasts of a unique genre of Indian folk painting which is named after the place Madhubani. The art of Madhubani painting will amaze you with its precision and beauty. Interestingly, these paintings are done using fingers and twigs as wells as matchsticks and pen nibs. The painting themes are inspired by religious stories that are depicted by art. They are characterized by figures of natural elements like fish, parrot, elephant, sun, moon, lotus, bamboo tree, etc. Scenes of weddings and rituals and cultural events such as festivals also form a popular sequence of these paintings. When such an art adorns a clothing form, it elevates its status to a wonderful genre. Madhubani Silk dupattas at Luxurion World are done on pure tussar or cotton fabric and are pieces of beauty paramount. If you are both an ethnic lover and an art admirer, these hand-painted Madhubani dupattas will describe you the best. They not only turn your wardrobe a bit richer but speak volumes of how you are paying tribute to our nation’s heritage.

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