Kantha Dupatta

The Kantha embroidery work on dupattas has helped in keeping alive a folk art of Bengal's women. These dupattas often narrate various incidents of their life on fabric with needles, threads and stitches. The Kantha dupattas are made of fine cotton and silk material. In these dupattas, the traditional running stitches accompany other stitches such as the chain, herring-bone, and double herring bone and cross stitch. Today the darning stitch is also being used in different ways. Keep it chic and elegant wearing your dupatta on one shoulder and holding it in a loose drape across the wrist. This is great if you want to show off a neckline and still keep the dupatta visible. For brides, very much inspired from the Bengali tradition, the heavily embroidered dupatta is draped across the head and is pleated on shoulder covering the front. And the other end is pleated and draped across the other shoulder.

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