Kalamkari Dupatta

Since years and decades we have seen various art and crafts embedded in sarees and dupattas. One such beautiful ancient art is called Kalamkari. The art itself is traditional and beautiful! Kalamkari word originally made of two words- Kalam + Kari. Kalam is a Persian Word which means Pen and Kari means craftsmanship (Art Work). So Kalamkari simply means drawing with a pen. Kalmakari work is a type of hand printed or block printed cotton Textile, produced in the different parts of India. Kalamkari is a great handloom work, which requires art, dedication, and love for paintings and threads both. Kalamkari dupattas are always considered rich and elegant choice. Intricate designs, traditional motifs, rich flavour of colours and a distinct smell make Hand Painted Kalamkari Dupattas a coveted treasure. Bring elegance and class to your wardrobe with Kalamkari Dupattas.

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