Ikat Saree

The traditional patterns in sarees are creating a huge wave everywhere, whether in fashion forums or woman’s wardrobe. There is an upsurge in demand of a saree which is a statement piece something that brings out the gleaming debonair of the inner self of a saree user. Ikat weaving is one such print that is nothing short of sheer spectacle. Ikat refers to the dyeing technique used to create designs on the fabric. Bundles of yarns are wrapped together tightly and then dyed to create the desired pattern. It is different from other dyeing techniques like batik where the final cloth and not the yarn is dyed and dried; the weaver lines them on the loom to weave it into cloth. It is an incredibly complicated process and the beauty of the outcome vouches for it. Since ikat sarees are woven on a loom, it is easy to say a genuine one, as only this will have the same design on the inside of the fabric as well. At Luxurion World we have an array of ikat sarees that speak of an elite taste of the designers. Handloom ikat pure silk sarees, those in amalgamation with Patola design sarees, double ikat sarees with pretty motifs are all amazingly unique. Lend yourself this unique feel as you drape one of these to epitomize fashion with panache.

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