Gajji Silk Saree

Silk sarees are a symbol of luxury and opulence. Among the innumerable varieties of silk depending upon their source and weaving, Gajji silk stands tall because of its glaze and satin shine. Gajji silk is a veg-based fabric. Satin weaves with rayon warp and cotton weft creates a high glossy surface. Gajji silk is satin weave done on silk fabric. It is used generously while creating tie-dye sarees in Gujarat as the fabric bears the print in a fabulous form. Gajji silk is called as the fabric of patience because of its strenuous way of weaving. The end result is rich and lush and thus sets itself apart. From the platform of Luxurion World we invite you to have a look at the Gajji silk sarees with its splendor that talks of unmatched charm. Banarasi bandhani pure Gajji silk sarees in checks as well as patterned form area beautiful rendition of this fabric. Other than bandhej prints Luxurion World displays an array of Ajara gajji silk sarees too with or without the zari border. With an enticing collection to our credit, we recommend you to go for them to embrace a fine silk saree displaying an authentic art form.

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