Chanderi Fabric

It is the traditionally ethinic fabric that is characterised by its light weight and luxurious appearence, the name Chanderi was taken up as it was a product from a small town in Madhya Pradesh named Chanderi where the ethnic weavers hand crafted the traditional sarees in silk and cotton with intricate details of zari. The incomparable spophistication that this fabric brings about on the person who carries it makes it popluar amongst the upper-class Indians as well as the upper middle class. Silver, copper and gold coated Buttis are handicrafted on the fabric. The most popular Butti that came into existence was the Ashrafi Butti, passed down by Royal families that is today frequently sported by popular actresses like Vidya Balan, Rekha, Aditi Rao Hydari etc. One of the most unique feature of the Chanderi silk is its transparency which is not usually found in fabrics of the same line. The permanence in the work done in silver and gold remains as good as new for the longest duration of time even after being in continous use. The historically unchallenged art of weaving the Chanderi fabric has been a family business which saw its peak in the Mughal empire when Kings and Queens saw the worth of the overly luxuroius sheer fabric, subsequently to preserve the practice the government initiated workshops that taught and perpetuated this practice which resulted in the various neo-art forms we see today.

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