Batik Print Saree

One of the oldest and simplest forms of printing, batik prints is an art done by hands with very simple tools. It is a technique of wax resisting dye applied to designs that are drawn on the fabric. It’s traditional workmanship that is inspired and influenced by a variety of cultures. At Luxurion World we have an assortment of batik print sarees in designer stature which has augmented its beauty to epic levels. The improvisation of the age-old art, these sarees invokes a certain feeling of nostalgia. Considered to be a fashion element, batik prints now feature in the national airline uniform of three countries namely Singapore Airlines, Garuda Airlines, and Malaysia Airlines; all the more reason for us to include them in our wardrobe. The designers here have made brilliant use of patterns and colors to create a delightful impact on the wearer and the onlookers. Express yourself as someone who values tradition albeit in a contemporary style. Come ladies; kindle brightness, positivity, joy, and color around you when you drape one of these batik print sarees only from the house of Luxurion World.

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