Bandhani Saree

Timeless and vibrant sarees, straight from the lively landscape of Gujarat and Rajasthan, handcrafted Bandhani sarees need no introduction. It’s the exuberance of Bandhani silk sarees that escalates the look of the wearer and the ambiance around. Bandhani or Bandhej is a pattern that involves the tie and dye technique of fabric wherein the fabric to be dyed is tied very tightly at different points in knots. They are then dyed with bright colors and allowed to dry. It forms a distinct pattern with the knot patches remaining uncolored and the rest of the fabric dyed in the desired hue. These sarees are synonymous with elegance with generous servings of springiness. Apt for marriage functions, festive occasions and the like, they are a coveted lot by women of all quarters. Available in varied textures of silk, chiffon, georgette, cotton they offer huge choice when it comes to color combo or fabric. And the elegance outshines when two artforms amalgamated of Banarasi Bandhani. Explores the bandhani collection at Luxurion World to fall in love with yourself clad in one of these!

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