Ajrakh Suit

Suits, as fashion accessory has always been a favourite among people. It instantly upgrades the look of the attire, whether ethnic or western; and gives it a nice twist. Ajrakh prints are the talk of the fashion town. With all elite fashion houses incorporating this print in their clothing styles, it has emerged as the print of the intellectual woman. It is an age old technique of resist printing combined with dyeing techniques. In Arabic, Ajrakh means blue or indigo. The first printing was done using natural indigo colours hence the name. Ajrakh suits speak of taste that defines an upscale vision of fashion. With various styles of tying a scarf, these can be used in various ways depending on what is wearing it on. Whichever style of drape suits your taste; these suits are a great makeover to your look. Enjoy its versatility as you wrap one around yourself.

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