Ajrakh Saree

With block printing textiles gaining popularity, ajrakh prints have evolved as one of the most elegant choices ever. It is a printing craft that sings saga of revitalisation of age-old technique of resist printing combined with dyeing techniques. In Arabic, Ajarkh means blue or indigo. Distinguished by its color and complex geometric pattern, hand-painted ajrakh prints are exquisite with incomparable beauty. The fashion fraternity seems to be in love with this craftsmanship as it is seen used extensively in making of sarees, dress materials, and dupattas. One can turn it as the print-of-the-decade with its charm expanding horizons to meet the demand of the users. An exciting array of ajrakh silk sarees awaits you at Luxurion World to match the aesthetic beauty you wish to drape. It’s the perfection of the Ajrakh Sarees and its classy look that will enamor you to go for them. Choose, click, order, and smile! You have made a perfect selection!

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