Ajrakh Dupatta

Ajrakh is the name of a block printed cloth with deep crimson red and indigo blue background, bearing symmetrical patterns and interspersed unprinted sparkling motifs. Ajrakh can be traced back to the civilisations of Indus Valley which makes it one of the most ancient craft even to adorn fabrics. The term ‘Ajrakh’ is derived from ‘Azrak’, meaning blue in Arabic, as blue happens to be one of the principal colours in Ajrakh printing. With the fabric makers and wearers having a bend to use environment-friendly products, Ajrakh work dupattas have become the biggest trend for being a craft that exist in harmony with nature. These dupattas are subtle yet with a vivid pattern which makes a connoisseur of fabric appreciate the aesthetics of this creativity. Ajrakh work dupattas at Luxurion World are a distinguished collection that are apt to be used for formal and office wear. The muted colours, the traditional weave and the environment friendly craft of these dupattas beckons you to drape them for an exquisite finish to your look.

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