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Linen Sarees - Graceful six yards of Linen

The love story of a woman and her saree is a never fading saga. It’s a tale of romance, of warmth, of fondness with an innate sense of endearment. A woman’s wardrobe with her saree section is most special to her. After all it’s her choice of sarees which pronounces her attitude and reflects her personality. You agree with us, right?

At Luxurion World we know how much you like to pamper yourself with another exclusive addition to your saree wardrobe. It is here that we have come up with beautiful linen sarees that are sure to stir magic with their charm. We have an assortment of linen sarees for you to choose from. The diverse options created by our artisans is to serve your diverse taste, so that we have at least one that is right for you! Choose the one that matches you…

Hand batik linen saree

This one is a combo of beauty – the grace of linen with the grandiosity of batik prints. Available in many colours, this saree type is an assimilation of sophistication and elegance. So if you want a distinguished day wear, go right away for it.

Linen saree with jamdani buti


Here we have a combo of at least a couple of colours in a single saree, dotted with jamdani butti to impart a royal touch to it. The choice of colours with the contrast buti colour is just too tempting to resist buying the saree

Floral digital printed linen saree


Digital prints are in vogue as its innovative designing scheme is awe inspiring. And when the prints are delightful floral ones, the result is a heavenly vision. Go for these ravishing sarees for a winsome appeal.

Multicolour handloom linen silk sarees


If you are a lower of bright and beautiful, this one is created just for you. A riot of bold colours envelops the soothing charm of linen silk in a breathtaking way. It’s sure to stir your heart and those of the beholders.

All this and a variety of more beckon you to the Luxurion World horizon of pure visionary treat. Come and explore! We’d love to have you on board the delightful ride to this magical world!!

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