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Kashmiri embroidery, a gift to the world from Heaven itself.

His glory, by whose might all things are mov’d,
Pierces the universe, and in one part
Sheds more resplendence, elsewhere less.  In heav’n,
That largeliest of his light partakes, was I,
Witness of things, which to relate again
Surpasseth power of him who comes from thence;
For that, so near approaching its desire
Our intellect is to such depth absorb’d,
That memory cannot follow.  Nathless all,
That in my thoughts I of that sacred realm
Could store, shall now be matter of my song.

We all know Dante describes the beauty of Heaven in his verses, but he might as well be describing Kashmir, which is nothing less than Heaven on Earth with its luscious greenery, blue skies and occasionally, snow-capped mountains. Apart from its beauty, Kashmir has also gifted us with the beautiful Kashmiri embroidery.

Kashmiri sarees are coveted for their Kashida work on sarees, stoles and suits, which reflect the beauty of the valleys. Kashida has mastered the exhibition of Kashmiri diversity through its various styles of embroidery such as Sozni, Zalakdozi, Doo-rakha, Samovar, Kashirjaal, and Jaama.

Sozni uses thin needles that give delicate designs with great accuracy on both sides of the embroidered fabric. Zalakdozi is made using a hooked needle on cloaks and rugs. Do-rookha is a double sided stitch that creates the same pattern on both sides of the embroidered fabric, but with different colors. Looking like a teapot filled with intricate patterns of birds and flowers, the Samovar pattern beautifies sarees, stoles, dupattas and suits, along with various other fabrics.

Kashmir has always been a stressed topic, and this has inadvertently but severely affected their business as well. To make sure you support the tremendously skilled weavers from Kashmir, make sure you buy only the authentic Kashmiri art from authentic sources. 

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