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Are you Holi ready?

The festival of fun and colours, Holi, is just round the corner and the excitement is palpable already. The shops are decked with pichkaris, gulal, sweets and gujiya and ethnic wear shopping is in full swing. While it is a fun festival to celebrate, it can take a toll on your hair and skin, thanks to harsh chemicals and binge eating. Even the usage of organic colours may damage your skin from being in the sun for long hours and having the colour on the body for that duration. Here’s help for you if you worry about the aftermath but still cannot put off playing Holi.

That entire colour on the skin coupled with exposure to the sun and intermittent water splashes can leave it looking dull and lifeless. To minimise this damage, it is important to protect it well. Use sunscreen with a moisturising lotion to add a layer to your skin. Next, take a few drops of olive oil and massage it well on to your exposed skin. Here it is essential to mention to wear clothes that cover maximum of your essential body parts. Opt for full sleeved kurtas or T-shirts and ditch the shorts for those trousers or salwars. Using a scarf around your head in a stylish tie helps protect the hair from damage in addition to giving that cool swagger. Wearing loose cotton clothes also helps as it is best to stick to comfortable fabrics that allow your skin to breathe easily.

Neglecting nails can prove to be an irritant later as you will find it difficult to let the stain of colours off them. Colours settle easily on them and even enter your digestive system when you eat with your hands. Trim your nails to save you from this and then paint with a dark nail polish. Rub a little olive oil on the nails before touching colours as this will act as a shield and not let them stain easily. After you are done with playing Holi, remove the polish and reapply the fresh coat.

If you watch people after Holi, you will find that ears, lips and eye lids carry colour stains even after a proper bath. This is because people usually tend to ignore these parts and the colour is difficult to come off too. To avoid this, coat these parts with a little petroleum jelly to keep them smooth, moisturised and also prevent colours from setting in. If you wish to further sooth your skin rub ice on it to provide relief from dryness or itchiness. Using a foaming free wash followed by a good scrub to remove colours is definitely a good idea.

Stay hydrated throughout and keep drinking water, juice, glucose, coconut water, etc. All that binge eating may neutralise to a certain extent if you drink enough water. Enjoy your day with friends, family, colours, traditional culinary, love and laughter and with ethic clothing from Luxurion World.



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