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The Rarity that is Parsi Gara

Men seldom speak of beauty, beauty as such,
Not even lovers think about it much.
Women of course consider it for hours
In mirrors

Wilfred Owen was right in saying so, and why not? Women have been entranced by the mirror since time eternal. And if draped in a Parsi Gara, she has every right to adore her beauty in this traditionally Parsi drape


Parsi gara is a treasured heirloom that is a delight for a mother and her daughter, both. It is passed down from generation to generation, kept safely and aired only at important family occasions.

Stitches like satin stitch, crewel stitch, stem stitch and French knot are used to create these masterpieces. The color of the fabric of the gara and the threads used differ from being dark fabrics with soft colored silk threads to nets and Georgettes to crepe with multicolored fine threads.

These sarees are embroidered with designs with oriental backdrops such as cranes, with Chinese origin like shrines and pagodas.

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