Khadi Silk Saree

For the women of distinguished taste, khadi is the sartorial go-to. What started as an initiative by Mahatma Gandhi to promote khadi college industry in pre-independent India, is now a flourishing textile by every fashion sense. Khadi is for the elite and the exclusive. It is for women who do not wish to try too hard to exhibit their fine clothing taste. With fashion designers in India and abroad making khadi a global love, it is on the wish list of every modern woman. Khadi saree at Luxurion World are an example of modernity in the packaging of traditionalism. Easy and convenient to be worn won over salwar kameez or thrown across the shoulder with long skirts, they are a loved piece of garment. The beauty of khadi is that it provides cool in summer and warmth in winter. This factor of the textile escalates its usage as being practically wise. Own one to witness the evergreen charm it carries with it.

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