Ashavali Saree

The majestic aura of the beautiful art forms of Ashavali sarees will appeal to you with its regal look. These sarees are considered to be the pride of Ahmedabad after which they have been named. The saree looks characteristically like a banarasi brocade imparting a touch of royal exuberance to it. Hence it is the first choice of Gujarat brides which has now crossed the borders to be universally acknowledged. Ashavali sarees is an intricate brocade fabric with motifs like paisley, birds, flowers, and vines adorning its look. The drape was first commissioned by a Mughal general in the 15th century when it was woven in real gold threads. To make it more affordable now, these threads have been replaced by cheaper ones without compromising on the magnificence of this work. Ashavali sarees are distinguished by the enameled, multicolored look of the border and the interwoven designs. The pallu is heavy and combined with the glossy fabric it imparts a look that is apt for the bridal purpose. At Luxurion World we have a breathtaking collection of authentic Ashavali sarees that will delight you with its charm. Succumb to your temptation ladies, and get one to spell wonders as you drape it.

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