Shibori Fabric

The forms of cloth printing are many and sundry, with its origin all across the globe. One such vintage art form comes from an old age Japanese culture called Shibori. Shibori is the Japanese word for a variety of ways of embellishing textiles by shaping cloth and securing it before dyeing. This is a kind of shape-resist dyeing technique of embossing textiles with a plethora of smooth, blurry edged motifs. The word comes from the verb root Shibori, “to wring, squeeze, and press.’ Cloth shaped by these methods is secured in a number of ways, such as binding and knotting. Shibori is often done on natural fabrics such as silk, cotton, crepe, or hemp. The art has crossed boundaries to be produced and loved all across. Shibori pink fabrics are unique and loved for its novel elegance. Luxurion World presents you with an exciting collection of shibori fabrics in bright colors that are of-so-pretty. Crepe or cotton, their beauty is astounding. If you wish to lend a remarkable effect through your attire, try going for shibori fabrics. Creativity is contagious and at Luxurion World we want you to catch this!

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