A modernized version of the classic dupatta, the scarf has been the quintessential fashion accessory for half a century. Brought into foray by the iconic Dev Anand in Hindi movies, the scarf is the unisex element of vogue in dressing. The color, pattern, and style of drape have changed with time, but the scarf is here to stay; flirting with the imaginations of fashion designers. Wear it over your western outfits or ethnic ones as it is the new rage among women of all tastes. Ranging from hand-embroidered to pashmina ones, they speak of opulence and style. With innovative styles and display of various art forms, scarves and stoles are a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe. They can be put to versatile use depending on need and necessity. With different ideas of draping a scarf or stole doing the rounds of fashion conscious people, they are now used to upscale the look of garment worn over. Browse through the unique collection of scarves and stoles at Luxurion World and be bowled over by their magical awe-inspiring beauty. Let your imagination win over hearts and brand you as the trendsetter in town!

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