Raw Silk Fabric

A tale of silk in any form is a prized possession of all women. It has its unique position, and today’s requirements and social need call for whatever form it is available in. Raw silk fabric is silk containing a gummy substance called sericin which gives a different texture to it. It is soft and lustrous with weight reduced by as much as 30% when compared to pure silk. It is proud to occupy a distinct identity in Indian society in terms of fabric to be worn for important and exclusive occasions that call for celebrations and gatherings in pomp and splendor. Raw silk fabric at Luxurion World is available in a multitude of shades in plain color which makes them ideal to be sewn as saree blouses. The slightly irregular weave, which is the characteristic of raw silk, makes it all the more pompous and graceful. You may also use them to get it stitched into dresses and kurtas and embellish them further by using laces and trimmings. Let the traditional fabric yarn reign your heart and wardrobe with equal vigor.

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