Phulkari Suit

The exuberance of Punjab speaks in an animated gesture in the vibrant art form of Phulari Kurtis. It’s the euphoric pattern, the effervescent color combos, the irrepressible energy of the artwork that is so truly depicted in these Kurtis. Phulkari is the ritualistic form of Punjabi embroidery which began as a traditional family culture. With its beauty, attracting women from all quarters, it is now a global demand. Phulkari literally means ‘flower work’ with Phul meaning ‘flower’ and ‘Kari’ standing for work. Phulkari Kurtis is a great option for office wear, party wear or occasion wear depending on how one accessorizes them. At Luxurion World, we are bent to take this domestic art to each one of you through these Kurtis which are a timeless addition to your wardrobe. They look incredibly sensational, taking the desi-girl look to an epic high. Bring them home to witness the glamour, the perkiness, and the zestful feel of fashion.

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