Phulkari Saree

The ritualistic form of Punjabi embroidery, phulkari work was a traditional family culture that began in the family with the birth of a male child. It was fabricated for familial customary obligations and never made for commercialization. The burgeoning demand for this fabric from various parts of the globe has been the nucleus of change that the tradition of phulkari has witnessed. It is now woven on machines too with its popularity leading to opening new avenues for this age-old craft. Phulkari literally means ‘flower work’ with ‘phul’ meaning flower and ‘Kari’ stands for work. The rural conventional form of this embroidery is now the delightful desire of every woman. To own a phulkari saree is a matter of great esteem because it shows one’s penchant to preserve the heritage forms yet defying the orthodox ways. The stereotype phulkari motifs have been altered to appeal to the masses of the day. At Luxurion World we want you to embrace the rich woven feel of these sarees; to earn compliments as you elevate the beauty of the clothing with your very own!

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