Patola Dupatta

“Padi patole bhat faatey pan phite nahin,” “The design laid down in the patola may wear out, but it shall never fade.” True to the glory that outlines the shining Patola, this textile is believed to have been woven since the fourth century AD. A testament to its glory is its mention in religious texts like the Ramayan that refer its being a special part of wedding ceremonies. Such is its magnificence that this was also named ‘stridhan’, a jewel to be carried in bridal trousseau. An interesting feature of a Patolas that both sides of the fabric have equal intensity of colours and designs, thereby having no reverse side in this textile. Patola dupattas at Luxurion World are an ode to the beautiful weave and a prized possession by all women. The motifs on these are based on traditional designs such as flowers, animals, birds, human figures and the more conventional geometric patterns. With its resplendence making a mark and craving an elite state for itself, you deserve one to drape the beauty flaunting its exquisite weaves.

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