Parsi Work Dupatta

The delicately sewn embroidery of Parsi weaving is an outcome of traditional culture and love for marvel. It’s an age-old art that has survived the materialization of weaving just because of the incomparable aesthetic charm it exudes. The aura and the resplendence of Parsi work is a heritage allure that fascinates every woman. Parsi work dupattas come as a huge appeal if you do not wish to drape a Parsi work saree for a particular function. It carries the same magnetism in an understated tone. Fit to be paired with salwar suits or lehengas, these dupattas are an example of classy taste. At Luxurion World we have Parsi work either the edges of dupattas on the entire length of them. If you want a heavier one, go for the latter, while the former works best for formal occasions. Available in pastel shades as well as dark colors, they are set to steal your heart with its delightful look. Go for it to include a treasure trove in your collection.

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