Moonga Silk Dupatta

Moonga silk is one of the rarest silks in the world with its production confined to the state of Assam. The characteristic feature of this silk that sets it apart from all other versions of silk is that it is totally gold yellow in colour. ‘Moonga’ means yellowish in Assamese, hence the name. Organic, natural and one of the strongest natural fibre, it is made from the Muga silkworm which is so sensitive in nature that is cannot tolerate even the most minimum of pollution levels. The major highlight of this silk is its longitivity and resilience. It is said that generally a Muga silk dupatta outlives the wearer. Another unique feature inherent of the dupatta is that the golden lustre increases with age, thus making it look better it ages. Moonga silk which was once reserved only for the royalty is now a coveted dupatta for wedding and traditional wear. With an assortment of beautiful moonga silk dupatta at Luxurion Wolrd, it’s time to design them into clothes to be worn on festive occasions. Get enamoured by the exquisiteness of this dupatta and enchant all by your exclusive taste.

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