Madhubani Saree

Sarees represent our country’s strongest and most versatile style staple. With the spotlight on the variance of its version, the designers are coming up with novel ideas of expression of various art forms to give a saree the touch of uniqueness. One such beautiful work is the Mithila art form of Madhubani painted sarees. Done with fingers, twigs, brushes, nib pens, and matchsticks, it depicts different styles and aspects of nature. Scenes and deity from ancient epics also feature in their portrayal apart from social events like marriage and childbirth. Quite in vogue these days, Madhubani sarees speak out the intellectual taste of the wearer. The artist’s brush strokes in magnificent color patterns and vivid display are an example of scintillating vision. Available in bright color combos as well as muted shades in the original color of tussar silk, Luxurion World boasts of recreating the ambiance of spectacular artisans with these sarees. Buy one, ladies, if you are looking for style in simplicity and grace in your taste.

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