Linen Saree

Linen is one of the oldest fabrics but its tryst in the fashion forum is comparatively new. It’s a sudden wave of linen everywhere with fashion designers using this fabric generously in making of all kinds of male and female garments as well as home decor. With linen sarees kindling a huge market, manufacturers are stimulated to produce more in varied designs to cater to market interests. At Luxurion World we have an extensive range of linen sarees with varied designs and patterns. While there are ones in solid colors, we have those exhibiting ikat patterns, digital designs, checkered look in pure linen, and handloom linen silk creations. Absolutely graceful and dignified wear, it spells a class of elegance to be cherished. Linen fabric is procured from the flax plant (also known as linseed) and hence they are known for being extremely sturdy, durable as well as highly absorbent. This provides all the more reasons to go for them for the weather we have in India. Be a part of this creative vision, because we at Luxurion World are committed to drape you in the best!

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