Leheriya Saree

The magnificence of a saree in bold colors is all the more enhanced when a splash of prints is thrown in. It is indeed all the more remarkable when the prints are traditional styles of leheriya which is a form of tie-dye pattern. Practiced in Rajasthan, these printed sarees get its name from the Rajasthani word for wave patterns. There is a magical quality about the beauty of leheriya sarees. It’s the vibrant color combination, its arresting look, and the dramatic swirls and twirls are enough to garner everyone’s attention and lure a woman to buy one. Sprinkled with glistening mirror work or gota Patti work in some escalates its beauty to a festive look. At Luxurion World we have them in smart tussar silk look which is fit to be worn for formal purposes as well as those in georgette gota Patti work for celebration time. The exotic shades and designs bring out the raw flavor of the Rajasthani mesmeric charm. So, get set woman, to shop from our exclusive range of leheriya sarees for this ethereal feel!

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